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Snoop Dogg Calling An NHL Game Was The Best Thing That Happened This Weekend

“Get it cracking then. Let’s go!” is just a taste of Snoop’s commentary when it comes to his LA Kings broadcast.

Although the NFL playoffs were the biggest thing on TV this weekend, nothing was more entertaining than Snoop Dogg’s guest commentary during an LA Kings’ game on Saturday night.

Adored in the silver and black and complete with two rings, Snoop was nothing but snoop on the mic as he did some in-game analysis for the Kings’ game against the Penguins.

It all started with the ceremonial puck drop.

NHL GIFs on Twitter

Spirited puck drop. @SnoopDogg https://t.co/7WfwDD7ewG

Then Snoop put on the headset and stole the show.

LA Kings on Twitter

Oh come on, nephew.” – @SnoopDogg Nothing will ever compare to Snoop Dogg doing play-by-play for the LA Kings on Hockey Night in LA. https://t.co/SH527Vo2zr

“Oh he fired on cuz. Hold on now!” Snoop was ready to throw down.

Josh Billinson on Twitter

The LA Kings had Snoop Dogg in the booth doing play-by-play tonight and it was amazing https://t.co/SbyFc8U4LF

“Number three want it. I like that. Who’s number three for us?” said Snoop as the game got a little testy against the boards.

Eric on Twitter

LOL Snoop Dogg is the best #PITvsLAK #GoKingsGo #LAKings https://t.co/u6wQTSsflG

“Somebody gotta want that money. Who wants that money!?” he said during a power play for the Kings.

While we know Snoop won’t be doing the broadcast thing full time, he definitely brought some flavor to a game where you would least expect it. But then again, Snoop isn’t your average type of guy, so we’d expect nothing less. Let’s hope the Kings bring him back for a few more games.

You hear that, cuz!?


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