Simone Biles Withdraws From Olympic Team Final | Shines Another Light On Mental Health


The “GOAT” of women’s gymnastics Simone Biles, withdrew from the team portion of the Olympics competition.

She came to Tokyo as the star of the U.S. Olympic movement and perhaps the games itself.

It all came to a stunning halt in the women’s team gymnastics final on Tuesday night with an uncertain vault.

And just like that, the rest of the American stars’ availability for the remaining events came into serious question.

Biles’ withdrawal also ended the United States’ long run atop the sport.

The team representing the Russia Olympic Committee took advantage of the opportunity and surged past the shorthanded U.S. to the top of the podium, posting a score of (169.258) to win the country’s first team gold medal in nearly 30 years.

Per reports, Biles is saying she will be available for the individual competition which begins Thursday.

But at the moment she’s dealing with some things internally that she says will get fixed prior to Thursday.

She also mentioned it was all mental and not physical.

Prior to the Olympics Biles gave an interview, in which she was quick to point out how close she was to actually retiring, and her main reasoning for coming to Tokyo was to continue to shed light on the Larry Nassar situation.

Her hope as one of Nassar’s victims, was to continue to put more pressure on Team USA gymnastics to do something to make the sport safer for young athletes.

Following her withdrawal from that particular competition in typical Biles’ fashion she stayed and cheered her team on.

Brought chalk to them for their hands, constantly encouraged and hugged them.
Still, there were some people who weren’t as sympathetic to her plight.


With nothing else to prove in the sport as I stated earlier she’s the unquestioned “GOAT,” we just want her to focus on getting whatever it is that’s bothering her corrected as mental health issues are nothing to play with.

The entire month has been a somber but enlightening one for Black US Olympic stars; from Sha’Carri Richardson’s weed suspension to Naomi Osaka’s public battle with mental health and abrupt Olympic loss in straight sets.

Now, the GOAT had to take a knee in the Team Finals of the Tokyo Olympics because the weight of the world became too unbearable for her mind to coexist in it.

She’s had her share of past trauma. She’s a true survivor and has achieved beyond the average person’s wildest imagination.

Her class and grace is evident, just look at how she congratulated the gold-medal winning Russian team and refused to diminish the silver medal won by her teammates.

Biles, like Osaka, has shed another necessary light on mental health. It’s just as important as competitive success and should be dealt with in the same manner as a debilitating physical injury.

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