Should Dwane Casey Be Fired?

Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey, one of just seven African-American NBA coaches out of 30 league teams, is a top-notch NBA sideline stalker who is on the hot seat.

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The Cavaliers’ sweep of Toronto could spell the end of the Dwane Casey era:

Its not his fault that he is coaching a very good team in an era and conference that is ruled by Super Teams and arguably the best player in history in LeBron James. Cavs coach Ty Lue thinks any talk of Casey getting fired is absurd. 

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Tyronn Lue was unaware that Stan Van Gundy was fired today. Lue played for him in Orlando. As for rumors about Dwane Casey, Lue said the idea of him being fired “is absurd, crazy.”

It is Casey’s fault, however, that the Raptors, who performed so valiantly and masterfully in the regular season and appeared ready to take that next step, laid down and kissed the three rings of King James rather than fight passionately for a wide open trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

Casey should be fired. Coaching comes down to one thing and one thing only, NBA historian @champsportsguru, a frequent contributor to the Stephen A. Smith radio show told The Shadow League. When the playing surface is equal or right at 90-100 percent and both team have a chance to win, coaching matters.

And Casey was once again outcoached and outmanned and sometimes you’re nothing but an assistant, because from a leadership standpoint you saw no leadership with Toronto…Mismanaging timeouts, not being able to connect with your star players in the big moments to avoid disaster    

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Raptors head coach Dwane Casey on Toronto facing LeBron James in the playoffs three straight years: “We want to be the organization who knocks that gate down. For whatever reason, we got the unlucky draw every year of going against him.”

Now that Cleveland has swept Toronto out of the playoffs for the second year in a row and handed Caseys crew its third-straight series loss at the hands of the King — stretching a playoff losing streak against Cleveland to ten games — the possibility of Casey being fired will be a highly visited subject in the offseason or sooner. 

The Raptors appeared to be in a position this year to exploit the drama, inconsistency, chaos and total team transformation that Cleveland endured, which was set into motion by the defection of Kyrie Irving. In the eyes of most basketball minds, Toronto was the favorite, but when the dust cleared Drake was left looking stupid, the broom was out, Toronto was renamed LeBronto and Caseys future became a question mark. 

Its a shame that the Casey could be fired coming off a franchise record 59-23 season and the second-best record in the NBA, but he’s coaching in an era owned by King James, who totally dominated Toronto, imposing his will on the team whenever he chose and stroking two game-winning buzzer beater jumpers in the process. 

After trailing the series 3-0, the Raptors didnt even put up a fight or try to save their coachs job as Philly did for Brett Brown on Monday night in staving off elimination against the Celtics. LeBron James and an inspired Cavs squad washed the Raptors 128-93. It was like a swan song. 

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In addition to beating Toronto in 10 straight playoff games, LeBron is now an absolutely insane 30-1 in his last 31 home games vs TOR. 30-1!

Said @champsportsguru: Casey will get another job in the NBA. There are several vacancies and he wins games. But I think Toronto has maxed out as a team. His time to build a championship team is up and it should be. It’s a hire fire league. Thats just my opinion. I think Demar DeRozan included, no one is safe in Toronto. Every player in Toronto should be on the trading block. There’s not one player untouchable and no one coach on that team that should be untouchable.  

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DeMar DeRozan getting a Flagrant 2 and getting ejected is the most appropriate ending to his season.

Casey found himself in this same position after the 2017 season. When the knee-jerk reactions and emotions of a tough playoff series loss subside, the NCAA castaway turned NBA Coach of the Year, will probably still be at the helm, because it’s hard to fire a guy who is respected, like by his players and makes the playoff every year. 

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