‘She’s Definitely Not That Person!’: DeWanna Bonner Defends Wife and Teammate Alyssa Thomas From Domestic Violence Accusations After Angel Reese Body Slam

The WNBA world remains the topic, especially after one of its new fan favorites, Chicago Sky rookie Angel Reese, was cross-checked and arm slammed on her back by Connecticut Sun star Alyssa Thomas while both were trying to secure a rebound during the Sky’s 86-82 loss to the Connecticut Sun.

Thomas wrapped her arm around Reese’s neck and sent her flying backward with such force that Reese’s head and shoulders banged the hardwood. 

Reese was clearly shaken up, but as the announcer alluded too, she is from Baltimore, where the inner-city kids are known to be tough, resilient and embrace a physical game. After the play, she ultimately returned to the game and had no hard feelings toward Thomas.

Alyssa Thomas Accused of Domestic Violence By Social Media

Thomas was ejected for the hard foul, and after it played on social media a couple hundred thousand times, the opinions and analysis came flowing. 

From that play, some fans’ imaginations ran wild. Alyssa Thomas’ fiancée, DeWanna Bonner, is also on the Connecticut Sun.

Bonner is the fifth-leading scorer in WNBA history, and together they form one of the top 1-2 punches in the entire league. 

Fans began suggesting that Bonner was a victim of domestic violence because of the way Thomas viciously threw Reese to the ground in the heat of competition. 

It’s a stretch to think that Thomas’ on-court battles mean she abuses her partner. I mean, nobody accuses Draymond Green of being a wife abuser. Despite his troublesome history with physical altercations on the court, he’s considered a gentle, loving father and husband. People are able to separate the athlete from the person. 

The senseless ramble and social media banter must have affected Bonner, because she felt it was necessary to go to X and address these allegations against Thomas. 

DeWanna Bonner Defends Fiancé and Teammate against Domestic Violence Accusations

“Yall.. I can take the heat all day because I’m totally locked in on our season. However, implying that domestic violence is going on in what we have, not going to happen. AT ALL! Be mad, upset, angry at the play… But we are not those people..it’s not cool! That’s WAY too far,” Bonner wrote. 

She also posted a photo of her and Thomas embracing after Saturday’s game, with the caption, “She’s definitely not that person!!”

With the WNBA receiving unprecedented exposure, naturally more people have opinions about the league. People are entering the conversation who have nothing to really offer other than comedy, or hate or divisiveness, so the player really should take every post with a grain of salt. 

Everyone is overly dramatic, and many have a very low IQ when it comes to the actual culture of sports itself because many have not played. They would rather try to say something that will garner them likes on social media than get educated on the history of the game and competition itself.

To imply that Thomas, who is a double-double machine and one of the game’s elite all-around forces, should not be in the league because she plays aggressively is the kind of comment that will set women back 100 years.

The WNBA conversation has become annoyingly oversaturated very quickly. It’s become a popular moment people want to exploit for their own benefit.

Bonner Accused Of Bringing Attention To Herself and Thomas At Expense Of Angel Reese

It’s not clear what X user originally suggested domestic violence, but Bonner’s post confirmed there was an issue. Some X users felt she was bringing attention to herself and copping pleas for Thomas instead of just accepting the blame for what happened to Reese. Bonner would have been better off ignoring it. You can’t control what people say, and athletes can’t control the narrative once they are in the public eye. 

Have to let the negative fly. The vultures are at the front door. The “W” is a thing.

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