Shari Headley Is In For “Coming To America 2”

When news hit that “Coming to America 2” was a go, fans anxiously waited for the original actors to return.

Aside from the must have names of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, the original cast members were slow to come on board. But last week we learned that Wesley Snipes and Rick Ross were joining the team, and then came the news fans had been waiting for. John Amos, James Earl Jones and Paul Bates were returning. But one name still hadn’t dropped surfaced yet, and fans were wondering.

Well wonder no more because, according to Shadow and Act, Shari Headley is officially on board and returning as Lisa McDowell.

Now that that’s been resolved, some are now wondering whether Samuel L. Jackson and Louis Anderson will be making a cameo.

“Coming to America 2” is slated for release in 2020.

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