Shannon Sharpe And Antonio Brown Finally Agree On Something | 4-Year-Old Boy Was One Of The Victims In Apparent Rashee Rice Street Racing Lamborghini Crash

Kansas City wide receiver Rashee Rice is cooperating with authorities in Dallas after a car that’s registered in his name was involved in a multi-vehicle mashup on Saturday. 

The identities of those who fled the scene, abandoning their vehicles, were not initially reported, but Rice’s lawyer has since confirmed that the wide receiver was involved.

The Corporate Lifestyle care rental company, that rented the car to Rashee Rice, said that no other drivers are authorized to drive the car. The Corvette was leased to Rice as well.

The fact that it took him 48 hours to say anything is why talking heads such as Shannon Sharpe and social media maniac Antonio Brown didn’t waste any time clowning Rice, who is coming off a season in which the 6-foot-1 receiver emerged as Patrick Mahomes’ top wide receiver target last season, finishing second on the team in receptions (79) and receiving yards (938) — behind Travis Kelce – and scoring a team-high seven TDs. 

Rice also caught 26 passes for 262 yards and a touchdown during the Chiefs’ four-game blitz to their second straight Super Bowl championship.

Currently, Rice is lying low as the video makes its way around the media .  

“On behalf of Rashee Rice, his thoughts are with everyone impacted by the automobile accident on Saturday,” attorney Royce West said in a statement. “Rashee is cooperating with local authorities and will take all necessary steps to address this situation responsibly.”

Shannon Sharpe Says Rashee Rice Should Have Learned From Henry Rugs III

Shannon Sharpe mentioned Rice’s alleged situation and despite no one being injured in the crash, compared it to a former NFL player who was driving drunk at speeds in excess of 150 MPH and killed a young woman and her dog. 

“You see Ocho, a wise man will learn from other’s mistakes and a fool must learn from his own. Did you not just see Henry Ruggs get 11 years? Yeah, but that ain’t enough.”

Dramatic dashcam video of the incident shows a Lamborghini and corvette speeding down the expressway and at some point, they lose control, twisting into oncoming traffic and one of the cars spun into the center median.  

Nobody perished, but according to NBC News, a young woman and her 4-year-old were in one of the cars damaged by the apparent reckless driving. 

“This could of ended way worse, both cars hitting me.. yet me and my baby walked away untouched,” the woman tweeted on X, according to NBC.

As we wait for more details to emerge, the expression where there’s smoke there’s fire is holding true. 

Antonio Brown Finds Humor In A Bad Situation

“Undisputed” co-host Keyshawn Johnson says that he knows Rashee Rice personally and shot the wide receiver a text, which had gone unanswered.

Keyshawn publicly scolded Rice and also referenced Henry Ruggs.

Antonio Brown got into the mix on his unpredictably-entertaining X feed by posting a meme referencing the incident, captioned “GTA VI trailer #ESPN.” 

Definitely not a joking matter, but AB finds a sick humor in everything. 

What’s also not funny is the occupants of the two speeding cars fleeing on foot. One dreaded-headed individual does resemble Rice.

If Rice truly was a part of that fiasco, then he immediately goes from Super Bowl champion to Super Big chump.

The NFL hasn’t commented, but this story won’t go away easily.

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