Shabazz Muhammad Gets Sent Home From Rookie Symposium

Getting sent home from the NBA rookie symposium is so embarassing that if it hangs over your head for years. It's like showing up for the first day of school with a hairline that looks like you cut in the dark. Back in 2008, Mario Chalmers, Michael Beasley and Darrell Arthur were kicked out of the rookie transition program's four-day retreat after women and weed were discovered in their room.

Five years later, Beasley is facing drug possession charges and Shabazz Muhammad's remains a P.R. disaster after getting kicked out of the rookie was also against the rulesalso broke the rules. Either Shabazz Muhammad didn't pay attention and wasn't aware or he didn't care and wanted to get it in before he was shuttled off to Minnesota. The program is meant to help counsel rookies transitioning into the NBA, but Muhammad got his tough love intro to the NBA in the worst way possible.

The criticisms that arose during his freshman year at UCLA of him as a selfish teammate and the revelation that he's a year older than he was initially listed created a cloud of doubt around his character, but this just adds another layer to the negative perception surrounding him.