Poll Finds That People Are Tired Of Trump Attacking NFL Protests

Just a month ago, 37 percent of people participating in a poll conducted by Seton Hall University supported Donald Trump in continuing to comment on the NFL protests. According to ESPN, now that figure is down to 23 percent, and 71 percent of those polled want him to stop talking about them.  

84% of Americans surveyed support NFL players right to protesteven if they vary on how they feel the protest should be carried out.

The poll also asked that if keeping players in the locker room during the playing of the national anthem might be a solution to suppressing the protests, 63 percent said, No and 27 percent said, Yes.

News cycles are what people live by these days. The stories and cycles control their emotions and often their philosophies on subjects and mood for the day. As social media begins to take an even bigger part of our souls, peoples concern for news, no matter how important or irrelevant, will only last a couple of cycles. And then, like an addict craving the next fix, they will scour the timelines for fresher, newer, immediate rush news. 

Trumps attack on the NFLs reputation,  marketing machine, owners, executives and the African-American players protesting police brutality and social injustice has been going on since before Colin Kaepernick took a knee in 2016. 

People are tiring of the topic, especially with so many issues plaguing our country and a President who has his own personal transgressions to explain. The assault by the President on his own country had been extremely suspicious and his venom has spilled into his own party, which quietly loathes him. His approval ratings are about as low as they have been for any President. 

The world will see that the NFL players, owners and Trumps entire agenda with tweeting hate are all part of a larger scheme of deception. He had the power to cause chaos within his own country and he chose to use it. 

As the football season comes to an end and the sport falls out of the headlines, people wont want to hear from Trump at all concerning football. They might want to hear about what hes done to improve the fortunes of anyone other than himself. That’s when his next target will be chosen and the Tweet games will once again begin.  

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