Serena Williams Unfairly Targeted By An Invasive US Anti-Doping Agency

Serena Williams is the greatest women’s tennis player of all-time and has a strong argument to at least be considered for top 10 on the mythical mountain of the greatest American athletes of all-time

Her dominance of a historically rich, white sport has to have the closeted white supremacists soiling their lederhosen.

There’s been plenty of disrespectful chatter from the haters over the years of Serena’s total sonning of the WTA being attributed to performance-enhancing drugs.  She has been ranked near the top of her profession for most of her career. Her carved, powerful physique is the envy of her competitors, some of whom have been caught using performance-enhancing methods themselves like Maria Sharapova.  

Serena has defeated Sharapova 18 times straight, and while the said rivalry is really in Sharapova’s head, the mainstream media does continuously fan the flames.  Early this month, a reporter asked Serena if she were at all intimated by Sharapova‘s “supermodel looks”.  

Maria Sharapova’s Book Reveals Her Fear Of A Serena Led Tennis Planet

Rivalries sometimes shape competitors, for better or for worse, for life. When engaged in a rivalry, it is not uncommon for one to fixate upon those whose standing they’re trying to usurp, or vice versa. Some of the greatest rivalries of all-time featured opposing individuals whose every waking moment was spent trying to overcome the challenges raised by their respective counterparts.

Picture that, someone asking if you’re afraid of someone you’ve defeated 18 times in a row? A white versus black dynamic is the only reason people keep mentioning Sharapova as even being in the same stratosphere as Serena.  

Let’s face it, western nations would much rather see a tall blonde dominate women’s professional tennis than a thick black girl from Compton. The fact that Sharapova has always drawn more advertising dollars than Williams, despite being woefully ineffective against her on the court, speaks volumes.

The same race-based mindset behind the antagonizing of Serena via loaded questions, and the faux ambiguous questioning of her greatness that says she’s actually in a rivalry versus a person she’s 19-2 against, could bleed into the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency as a disproportionate amount of random drug testing.

Serena Williams: The Greatest Athlete Ever

Is Serena Williams The Greatest Athlete of the 21st Century? I asked that question with an article back in January. The very idea didn’t go over well with the male audience. But this isn’t anything new. Throughout much of her career, the incredible exploits of Serena Williams have been marginalized and even blatantly forgotten by individuals who are paid to know better.

According to Deadspin, a June 14th “previously unreported conflict” arose over an unannounced USADA drug test at Serena’s Florida residence. The agent reportedly showed up at her home at 8:30 AM when she wasn’t home.

An assistant unwisely allowed the official in, and he refused to leave until Serena had been tested.

That test never happened and Williams called Womens Tennis Association CEO Steve Simon to discuss the test and what she felt was unfair targeting. Simon put Williams in touch with Travis Tygart, the CEO of USADA.

I received a text from Serena and called her back and left a message, Simon told Deadspin. She shared with me some concerns and questions she had about an out-of-competition drug test.

According to a USADA database, Serena has been tested five times so far in 2018. That’s more than twice that of other top American womens tennis players.

According to the USADA’s own database, Sloane Stephens was tested once; Venus Williams was tested twice; Madison Keys was tested once; Coco Vandeweghe was tested twice; Danielle Collins was tested zero times; Alison Riske was tested zero times; Bernarda Pera was tested zero times; and Taylor Townsend was tested zero times.

Williams was also tested more than any of the top five American male players. Deadspin presented Williams’ representative of the pattern, which they apparently had not been aware of previously.

A spokeswoman for Williams called the testing invasive and targeted:

Over her 23-year career in tennis, Serena Williams has never tested positive for any illegal substance despite being tested significantly more than other professional tennis players, both male and female in fact, four times more frequently than her peers.

USDA statement sent to Deadspin:

Factors considered in allocating tests include available resources, performance information, ranking data, sport and athlete specific analysis, biological and longitudinal analysis, injury information, training periods, the competition calendar, intelligence received concerning possible doping practices and research on doping trends. USADA retains the right to test any athlete at any time and may target test athletes as USADA deems appropriate. Consistent with safeguarding reasonable privacy concerns and serving as an investigative agency, USADA is committed to transparency and therefore regularly posts completed testing numbers on the USADA website. However, given that testing missions result from a wide variety of factors, USADA does not believe that useful conclusions can generally be drawn from comparing the testing frequency for athletes over particular time frames.

That sounds like a very convoluted way of saying that Serena’s dominance somehow offends them and that they’re free to harass whoever they chose.  

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