Sean Payton And Rob Ryan Are Not Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan

Rob Ryan is definitely Buddy Ryan’s son. He’s just as vocal as his brother Rex Ryan and has lost at least 50 pounds courtesy of the same lap band surgery as his brother, but we just don’t hear from him as often because he’s in not New York.

Rob has done yeoman’s work as the Saints defensive coordinator this season. Brought in to repair a historically bad defense, he’s made as much of a difference managing his 3-4 defense as Sean Payton has with the offense in his return. Perhaps that’s why Payton told Pro Football Talk Live that he’ll be an NFL head coach very soon.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“I think he’s going to be a head coach,” Payton said of Ryan.  “I think he’s got a personality that starts with being passionate about the game.  He’s also exceptional within the framework of the staff and I think as owners and General Managers look closely at candidates, there’s a handful of things that would be important and compatibility ranks right there at the top.

“So he’s someone that is very well liked within the building from the business side to the football side.  I think he’s got a great way about getting the players to play hard, making it exciting and putting them in the best positions possible and again communicating that message with his staff.  It’s been a team effort on that side of the ball and I think that here’s a guy that grew up around football and those experiences are invaluable.”

Right off the bat, that statement is where Rob differs from his cantankerous dad, Buddy. Buddy’s combative relationship with Mike Ditka on the Bears staff is the complete opposite of Payton and Rob’s.

We haven’t heard Rob’s name being featured on many head coaching radars. It may take a rebel with a cause to take a chance on him, but when they do it’ll be a wild ride. There are more than a few defensively famished squads that need his direction. Dan Snyder seems like just the type of owner who would take that sort of chance. RG3 and Rob Ryan are a match made in sound bite heaven. Washington’s defense is just as much of a mess as New Orleans’ was last season and some young, innovative offensive coordinator can focus on developing Griffin. Plus, it would raise the stakes in the Cowboys – Redskins rivalry. Monte Kiffin’s shortcomings this season have only bolstered Rob’s credentials as a defensive guru.

Alas, that hasn’t happened yet. For now, he’s just a rebel without a head coaching job. Rob’s loss has been Payton’s gain.



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