Seahawks’ Richard Sherman Drops Knowledge On Michael Bennett Incident

Thursday we learned of the incident in Las Vegas involving Michael Bennett, and it spread like wildfire during the day, with statements sprouting up from a variety of pepole including Bennett, the Las Vegas PD, Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The situation in Vegas involving Bennett got very serious very quickly, with Bennett fearing for his life as he was detained and handcuffed on the street while being held at gunpoint.

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Here is the video of Michael Bennett being handcuffed and detained.

Later in the day, Richard Sherman stepped up to the mic at a team press conference and when asked about the Michael Bennett, the Seahawks’ star cornerback taught a lesson while addressing this specific situation and social injustice in general. Check out his comments below.

Richard Sherman on incident Michael Bennett had with Las Vegas police

Cornerback Richard Sherman says the Seahawks have rallied around lineman Michael Bennett and that he and other teammates have experienced incidents of racial profiling in their lives.

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