Scott Brooks Wishes He Had A Dad Like LaVar Ball

The Washington Wizards are ready to make Lonzo Ball eat his fathers words, but head coach Scott Brooks has some compassion for the situation and respects LaVar being a present father, despite the ruffling of feathers that he has made a fortune off of and the pressure hes put on his son Lonzo as the Lakers rookie tries to survive his first NBA season as public enemy No.1.                                              


Thats always the comeback when someone criticizes LaVar Ball. They talk about how he is a father that is present in a country where many kids dont have a dad for one reason or another. Being a black dad just gets him extra props in some circles. 

Of course, every kid whose dad wasnt around longed for the presence of his pops in his life.  Scott Brooks is no different. Having your father present is a great advantage and provides tremendous emotional and mental strength for a young man. Its an element that many men are missing these days. And any kid who didnt grow up with his pops is going to give LaVar every pass because he was around. 

However, Lonzo is a grown ass man in the NBA now. Hes not a high school sophomore in need of protection from carnivorous scouts, agents, coaches and the like. Hes a grown ass man in the NBA, making a grip and being expected to act as such. 

His dad has done his job as a father, but its time for Lonzo to start speaking for himself.  We all know who is responsible for The Big Baller Brands success. No need to keep telling everyone.

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