Saints’ Demario Davis Wins “Man Of God” Headband Appeal

Demario Davis keeps winning.

Since arriving in New Orleans last season, the linebacker has been part of a winning organization that was one bad call away from possibly going to the Super Bowl. This year the team is back at the top of the standings and riding a three game win streak.

Davis has held a key role as a leader of the defense, hyping up the team through his inspirational pre-game speeches. His motivation is partly fueled by his faith and belief in God, which he clearly expresses through his “Man of God” headband that he wears under his helmet.

However, the NFL decided that that headband violated its uniform policy, and fined him $7,017 for wearing it.

But Davis flipped the situation by appealing the fine and turning the situation into another win in New Orleans.

First he announced that he raised more than $30,000 through sales of “Man of God,” “Woman of God” and “Child of God” headbands for St. Dominic Hospital in his home state of Mississippi. Then he revealed that he won his appeal against the fine and that he would be donating the $7,017 money to St. Dominic as well.

“That means yall helped me turn a $7,000 negative into an almost $40,000 positive benefiting people who truly need it!!!” Davis wrote on that IG post. “Do y’all see how that worked?? Let’s gooooo. That’s crazy!”

Davis didn’t wear the headband in the last two games, but said that the message was “something that’s important to me so I’m just trying to figure out a way to still turn it into a way he can get glory from it.”

In the meantime, Davis, and the Saints keep winning both on and off the field.

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