Ryan Clark Says No One’s Worried About The Packers Sneaking Into The Playoffs

Image Credit: ESPN Press Room

The Green Bay Packers have somehow made their way into the thick of the NFC wild card playoff picture. After beginning the season at 4-8, the Packers have run off three straight wins to bring them to 7-8 and only a half game out of the final wild card spot. Sunday’s win in Miami was easily the team’s second-most surprising win of the season, behind the team’s mid-November win over the 11-4 Dallas Cowboys.

But even with their good fortune as of late, ESPN analyst Ryan Clark isn’t sold on the Packers being a threat in the postseason even if they do sneak in.

Clark On The Pack

The former Pittsburgh Steelers star had a lot to say about the Packers during Monday’s episode of ESPN’s “Get Up.”

“I said it was absurd that this team could get into the playoffs, and I was wrong. Now you look at them having games against division rivals, two divisional opponents that are beatable opponents for the Green Bay Packers.”

Clark then explained why it wouldn’t mean much if they get somehow get into the postseason.

“If the Green Bay Packers get into the playoffs, does anybody care? Absolutely not. This is not a team that is playing offense at a high enough level to compete with the Philadelphia Eagles, to compete with a team like the San Francisco 49ers.”

Clark is right. With Philly you get an elite offense, and San Fran is playing the best defense in the entire NFL this season, while also being efficient on the offensive side of the football.

Clark On Rodgers: Greatness Not Enough To Overcome Team’s Shortcomings

Clark doesn’t believe this version of Rodgers can overcome the team’s obvious shortcomings if they do make the playoffs.

“Even though we believe so much in what Aaron Rodgers has been historically, he is not that this year. The defense was suppose to be dominant based on their roster, the entire year hasn’t been that.”

In years past Rodgers has been able to will the Packers to wins in the regular season and playoffs. And while it hasn’t led to many Super Bowl appearances or a ton of playoff success, Rodgers has still had a knack for coming up big.

In fact, Rodgers, the reigning back-to-back NFL MVP, threw 85 touchdowns and just nine interceptions combined those two seasons. This season that hasn’t been the case, as he’s passed for just 24 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. That’s a huge reflection on the greatness of former teammate and star wide receiver Davante Adams, who was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders in March, leaving a huge void for Rodgers and the Packers passing game that they haven’t come close to filling.

Clark mentioned an underachieving defense that on paper and late-season play last year looked like it’d be amongst the best in the league. Instead they’re ranked between 17th and 20th in most major defensive categories.

Packers Could Scare Vikings With Seventh Seed

If the Packers did get into the playoffs it’s highly plausible they’d be the seventh and final seed. That as of now would mean a trip to face the division rival Vikings. That’s a game Rodgers and the Packers would be very comfortable in playing. In his career Rodgers is 16-11-1 versus the guys from the Twin Cities, and Minnesota has been playing on the edge with 11 wins coming by one score or less.

But for that to happen they’ll need to win their final two games and the Washington Commanders lose once, or the New York Giants lose their final two games.