Ryan Clark breaks down the Geno Smith situation

According to former Steelers’ safety Ryan Clark, there is more to the Geno Smith situation that went down in the Jets locker room than we originally thought. Clark, who mentioned that he trained in the offseason with IK Enemkpali, the linebacker who slugged Geno, said that things went a little differently and aren’t as cut and dry as originally thought.

“Smith refused to pay Enemkpali the $600.

It became about the fact that geno wasnt necessarily apologetic and being in a way remorseful about the money when saying he was going to pay i.k. back. you know, he didnt, and he was rather smug about it. so these guys got into it earlier in camp about this money.

“My report says geno put his finger in his face and told the guy, well, youre not going to do anything about it.

This wasnt the first time they had an issue over this same situation and nothing came from it the first time. you know, the first time they got into an argument, you know, words were said, disrespect thrown both ways, both guys separate and walk away. so when you have that situation happen one time, im sure a lot of people werent expecting it to get where its gone.

Things reportedly escalated after Geno Smith put his finger in Enemkpalis face and said, well, youre not going to do anything about it after he was confronted about his debt. From the looks of Enemkpali , he’s not someone you want to owe money.

IK Enemkpali was reportedly picked up by Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills today after being waived by the Jets.

We’re sure that more will be revealed in this situation and now November 12th, when the Bills visit the Jets, just got a lot more interesting.

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