Russell Wilson Would Welcome Trade To Washington Commanders | He’s Given His All To Seattle, And They’ve Failed Him

It’s that time of year, with the Super Bowl bringing a culmination to the 2021-2022 season on Sunday. Following that, you have the NFL combine and then the beginning of the new NFL year, followed by free agency, and the NFL draft. The main attraction is always the rumor mill, which can be eventful at times. 


This time last year, Russell Wilson was the big name among potential relocations by superstar players. With the exception of a few haters, Russ is still considered elite by most. 

NFL Offseason  

Quarterbacks on the move seem to be the theme again. Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, and to a much lesser degree, Kyler Murray (who erased all things Cardinals from his Instagram and unfollowed the team) are names that are being discussed heavily on social media and sports shows. 

Wilson is still the big fish and the most likely candidate to be moved. As The Shadow League has been predicting for over a year, his time in the Pacific Northwest may really be up. Especially after missing games due to injury for the first time in his illustrious career as the team stumbled to a 7-10 record. Rumors have swirled and some have already matched the future Hall of Famer with compatible options. 

Everyone’s always looking for any hint of where a player could be traded to or signing with in free agency. Russ delivered that this week with a tweet, and social media went crazy. 

Russ has long understood that the Seattle Seahawks as currently constructed can’t support his greatness properly. His squad’s roster of talent just isn’t on par with the rest of the division (Rams, Cardinals and Niners). It’s hard for Russ to keep cooking under those circumstances. As he progresses in age, he’s less willing to sacrifice his body to make up for a horrible defense and very shoddy offensive line.

 Russ & The Washington Commanders: Game-Changer

Leaving Seattle for Washington would seem like a downgrade, but if you forget the past decade and focus on now, Washington is probably a team on the upswing as the Seahawks fall deeper into mediocrity. It would actually be a beneficial move for Russ and DC’s team.  

 Rams Tough 

Wilson plays in the ultra-tough NFC West. A division that sent three teams to the playoffs.  In fact, since 2018, the Rams, who’ll be the home team in this week’s Super Sunday festivities, have now played in two Super Bowls.

Nasty Niners 

The Niners have played in one and fought the Rams tooth and nail in the NFC Championship two weeks ago before succumbing 20-17.

 Kyler’s Air Raid  

The Cardinals were once 7-0 and atop the NFC Conference. Point blank, the NFC West is the best division in the NFL.

The NFC East, on the other hand, is pretty weak outside of Dallas, which choked in the playoffs. The Eagles made the playoffs, but that may have been more of an aberration than something that will hold. The Giants were a dumpster fire, and Washington regressed mightily after winning the division in 2020.

A move to D.C. doesn’t look so bad if Russ wants to take the easiest road back to the Super Bowl. Adding a player like Russ could change the complexion of the division overnight.  



Last offseason Wilson and the Seahawks were at a crossroads. He told them he wanted to stay in Seattle, but if a trade were to happen he’d only waive his no-trade clause to play for the Cowboys, Saints, Raiders or Bears.



A Move To D.C Would Grant Russ Much More Input In Personnel Decisions


Ever since the Seahawks drafted Wilson, the front office had total discretion and autonomy with personnel moves. In ten seasons Wilson has had three offensive coordinators, Darrell Bevell, Brian Schottenheimer and Shane Waldron. The offensive line issues and limited weaponry have been a problem in Seattle.

That was OK, when the defense was dominant and carried the name “Legion of Boom.” Since that legendary unit disbanded it has been a tougher road for Wilson despite his development as an elite passer. Russ probably should’ve had more input on things. In Washington he’d get that respect and be considered a savior of sorts for a franchise in dire need of quarterback and leadership.


Rumors of this pairing swirled even more during last weekend’s Pro Bowl, when Wilson and wife Ciara took pictures with Commanders star defensive lineman Jonathan Allen and his wife.

 The move prompted Kevin Sheehan of The Team 980 to say: 

 “I did talk to a few people in Vegas. And the only thing that I will tell you is something that I feel confident in, based on the sources, and that is Russell Wilson is not against being traded to Washington.”

 Jonathan Allen answered “I hope so” to a fan’s tweet that asked, “Is Russ coming?”

 Commanders Have Talented Defense, Offensive Playmakers: Lack A Signal Caller

With the aforementioned Allen leading the defense, which also has 2020 No. 2 overall pick Chase Young returning from a torn ACL, Russ won’t spent most of his time waiting for his defense to make a stop.

Antonio Gibson, Terry McLaurin, and Logan Thomas are a few of the capable offensive weapons. Washington also has an offensive line that is an upgrade over the one that struggled to keep Wilson upright in Seattle. One other factor is offensive coordinator Scott Turner’s offense is a lot like what Russ ran his seven seasons under Darrell Bevell in Seattle.

While nothing is etched in stone, there’s a possibility the Commanders and Seahawks could swing a deal, as Washington has tradable assets and high draft picks to move if need be.

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