Russell Wilson Hit Rock Bottom In Seattle Seahawks Return | It Was A Tough-Guy Flex That Raised His Trade Stock

Russell Wilson gets an A for effort, but his presence alone was not enough to generate any offense in the Seattle Seahawks’ 17-0 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. 

After missing the last three games with a foul finger injury compliments of Aaron Donald’s helmet, Wilson made an improbable return much earlier than expected.

His bravery is commendable but he was obviously still struggling from rust and his recovery process, as Wilson was a shell of himself throwing for just 160 yards, two interceptions and 0 TDs in what was probably the least productive start of his career.

It was about as atypical a Wilson performance as we’ve ever seen, but he gets a pass.

Green Bay is a tough team to face when Wilson is at 100 percent, so Wilson was expected to struggle a bit coming off a finger injury that most assumed would sideline him for longer this season.

Wilson didn’t use his finger as an excuse in the postgame presser.

“My finger felt fine,” Wilson told reporters. “I just made two bad plays.”

“I felt confident … The reality is the game was 3-0 until the fourth quarter.”

Hoping Wilson Could Inspire A Sinking Ship 

On the other hand, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had to have faith that his Super Bowl quarterback would provide a spark for a team whose season is quickly going down the drain.

It was a risk that Wilson was willing to take, and with all of the rumors about Wilson departing the team and wanting a trade, Carroll’s goal was to get his moneymaker back on the field and into the flow as soon as possible.

Wilson Showcasing Himself For Suitors

Maybe that’s why Wilson came back early in the first place. Not to give his current team a boost, but to show other potential teams that he is healthy and ready to go.

If anything, the performance is indicative of the superior toughness the 5-foot-11 Wilson has displayed since entering the NFL as an unheralded third-round draft choice in 2012.

Prior to his injury, Dangeruss owned a streak of 149 consecutive regular season games, and 165 consecutive games counting the playoffs. That was the longest active streak in the NFL.

Wilson’s return was slightly overshadowed by Cam Newton’s inspirational contributions to a Panthers upset of the Cardinals and Patrick Mahomes’ redemption five-TD performance.

That’s probably a good thing under the circumstances, but this one game doesn’t affect the next six months, which are guaranteed to be eventful with a few twists that keep the social media mosh pit turning up 24-7.

Wilson doesn’t owe the Seattle Seahawks anything else. Wilson has carried the franchise on his back for a decade, and now it’s time for him to smell the roses, be traded to a team that’s built to win now and is a game-changing leader short of elevating to championship contenders.

A franchise that will pursue free agents and allow Wilson input on what he needs to succeed, in the same way that the Bucs accommodated Brady.

Potential Landing Spots 

There are several teams that fit the bill. Imagine Russell Wilson coming to the Las Vegas Raiders, settling the locker room and rejuvenating the organization’s stained reputation.

His character is beyond reproach and his presence alone would bring Raider Nation a new contingent of fans.

Imagine Wilson in Denver or Green Bay, taking over for Aaron Rodgers. According to reports, New Orleans is still in play.

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He probably prefers a warm weather spot with minimal rain showers at this point in his career, but the possibilities are endless, and Wilson is probably salivating just thinking about his new destination.

Seattle will never be able to say Russell Wilson ever cheated the franchise. He’s been to two Super Bowls and taken hundreds of hits while never taking a day off from practice, in addition to his philanthropy and spreading positive vibes through his various social media platforms.

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Russ returned from an injury to risk further injury in a season that’s probably lost with Seattle sinking at 3-6.

So whether or not he’s auditioning for the next bag or genuinely feels his return can lift the Hawks into the playoff chase, everybody wins when Russell Wilson is involved.

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