Russell Simmons Hits PR Trail to Promote New Book

Russell Simmons has made a name for himself in all sorts of mediums, but his authorship is something he seems to treasure over his other properties. Wednesday, Simmons appeared at Barnes & Nobles in Tribeca, NY for a book signing of his new offering Success Through Stillness, which was released this week.  In the book, he espouses the health benefits of yoga and how the philosophy can enhance the life and success of anyone. Here’s what he had to say during an Internet broadcast at Huffington Post Live.

"This idea of being stuck on stupid, where everything moves slow and you’re always happy, that you trust in trust in perfection even in struggle.  When you get into a difficult pose in Yoga, you smile and breathe for real and not just practicing. It’s like, ‘Let me try this, this hurts.’ When it hurts, we smile in yoga, but we know it hurts.” 



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