Rule Breakers: The Peggy Llewellyn Episode

Legendary motorcyclist, Peggy Llewellyn, is 46, fearless as ever and shows no sign of slowing down.

In 2007, the San Antonio native became the first woman of color to win a professional motorsports competition at the NHRA POWERade Dallas event. That season, she finished fourth overall and held the highest place for a woman in the Pro Stock Motorcycle class. In 2010, she became the first woman of color to own, operate and race for a professional motorsports team. If that’s not impressive enough, Llewellyn is still training to break more barriers and inspire more women of color to enjoy the sport that she loves.

Pretty fitting for a two-time Women’s Sports Foundation honoree.

Llewellyn has been a rule breaker since she was seven, learning to race among boys as a young girl. She never believed she could actually be a professional racer because she never saw women on the track. But luckily her father encouraged her to do something that was way out of the norm.

Listen in as we talk about her identity as a Mexican-Jamaican woman, what it means to be “the first” and how society has welcomed (and dismissed) the tomboys of the world.

Lastly, this is the last Rule Breakers episode in what has been a phenomenal series of interviews. Anya and I are busy working on other projects so you guys should check them out! Anya is going off to focus on her work with Major League Girls and her golf reporting (BBC and LPGA); I’m going to continue writing for the Shadow League with my #BlackGirlStrength column and covering women’s sports.

We want to thank everyone who has listened to Rule Breakers over the past year. We truly appreciate your support and engaging with these important conversations.

Until next time!

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