Roy Oliver, Cop Who Killed Unarmed Jordan Edwards, Convicted Of Murder

    Texas cop Roy Oliver was found guilty of murder on Tuesday for shooting and killing 15-year-old Jordan Edwards as he was inside of a car leaving a house party.

    According to The Washington Post, “Oliver testified during the Dallas County trial that he opened fire after seeing the car move toward his partner. He says he thought his partner was in danger. But his partner told jurors he didnt fear for his life and never felt the need to fire his weapon.”

    The Associated Press on Twitter

    BREAKING: White former Texas police officer convicted of murder for killing unarmed black teenager leaving house party.

    Oliver and and his partner Tyler Gross were breaking up the house party and Gross allegedly ordered the car that Edwards was in to stop. The Post reports that “prosecutors said Oliver fired after the vehicle passed Gross” which contradicts Oliver’s argument.

    There are countless reports of cops getting away with killing unarmed Black teens and adults, so it’s always a surprise when there is actually justice served. Rest in power, Jordan Edwards.