Rodman To Coach North Korean Olympic Basketball Team 

It goes without saying that Dennis Rodman is one of the most extraordinary NBA players of all time. From his wild partying off the court endeavors including his hairstyles, cross dressing and controversial manner of speaking to the press, Rodman always seems to find himself on the wrong side of the public opinion.  And the saga continues.

Beginning in February of 2013, Rodman began a rather peculiar relationship with then dictator Kim Jong-un of North Korea after traveling to the country to do basketball exhibitions with Vice Media. Adding to the already significant peculiarity of the relationship is the sheer randomness of their so-called friendship. Since that time Rodman has visited the embargoed and politically isolated nation twice.  

Dennis has publicly expressed support for the plight of the North Korean people, and his friendship for the individual responsible for most of the country's hardship, on many different occasions.  He even called him a "friend for life."

Aside from reports that Jong-un had a former lover executed, and the recent execution of several supporters of a the country's second highest ranking leader, Jang Song Thaek, Kim seems like a pretty snuggly fellow.   

On Tuesday, December 3, it was reported that Rodman would be returning to North Korea for the third time this year to begin training  the North Korean Olympic basketball team for the 2016 and is setting up a match between the team and former NBA players in January as well. 

A spokesperson for the game's sponsor Paddy Power said Rodman is scheduled to be in the country from December 18-21.

"Dennis is going to train the North Korean team and get them ready for the big match in January," he said.  "We'll be announcing the details of the US NBA players that we're taking out in January. He's going to spend a few days training the North Korean team".