Dennis Rodman Says His Father Was More King Solomon Than Super Dad | Philander Rodman Reportedly Had 16 Wives and 29 Kids

Basketball Hall of Famer and NBA legend Dennis Rodman was a recent guest on VladTV. The conversation was wide-ranging and touched on a number of topics, including his sexuality, his upbringing and an admission about his now-deceased father.

He wasn’t Solomon, third king of Israel (reigned c. 968–928 B.C.E.), who’s said to have had a harem that included 700 wives and 300 concubines, but Rodman’s dad didn’t do bad in the scope of modern-day family-building.

“I read a book that he wrote about me and he had 16 wives,” Rodman said, “16 wives, 29 kids, that’s what I heard about him.”

Rodman also talked about his tough upbringing living in the projects, robbing and stealing. He also said that his sisters had a big role in raising him and often dressed him up like a girl.

Dennis Rodman Was Estranged From His Father

In the interview, Rodman also recalled an incident where his father, Philander Rodman, reached out and Dennis thought it was for the two to re-connect. But it turned out that the elder Rodman was looking for money.

“This kid was light-skinned, but he looked just like me. I was like, ‘Oh my god. Wow, you do look like me.’ “So, he wanted me to put him through college and shit and I’m like, ‘Ohh man, that’s the reason you came chasing me down. That’s the only reason why. You don’t want to come meet me or know me.”

It’s clear that Dennis still harbors resentment and bitterness toward his dead father for abandoning him as a young child.

Dennis has three children of his own. This includes his son D.J., who is a hooper at the University of Southern California with Bronny James, son of LeBron James. Rodman’s daughter Trinity was just named to the Team USA women’s national team soccer roster ahead of this summer’s Women’s World Cup.

Dennis made an appearance at one of Trinity’s NWSL games in 2021, and Trinity wrote an Instagram post about her dad.

“This last game was an extremely emotional one. Yes Dennis Rodman showed up to an NWSL game, but also my dad, after YEARS surprised me at a big game in my career, I was shocked, overwhelmed, happy, sad, everything. My dad doesn’t play a big role in my life at all and most people don’t know that we don’t see eye to eye on many things. I go months if not years without his presence or communication. Being in spotlights has been hard for us, him and me. We don’t have the best relationship, but at the end of the day he’s human I’m human… he’s my dad, and I’m his little girl that will never change. I will improve and look forward everyday as I hope he does.”

The Legend Of Dennis

Dennis has had a wild life with stories that seem almost too fantastical to be real. He has talked of having a relationship with North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

In his autobiography “I Should Be Dead By Now: The Wild and Crazy Times of the NBA’s Greatest Rebounder,” Rodman tells all sorts of tales, including a wild one of sex gone wrong on a boat.

“Me and my girlfriend, we were on the back of the boat in a kingsize bed and she said ‘I think I’m going to try something different,’ ” Rodman said. “She told me to walk over there and told me to run and jump in her p***y. There was blood everywhere. She’s screaming and screaming ‘Oh my God, he’s dead,’ I said ‘No, honey, I just broke my d*ck’.”

Rodman has shown on countless occasions that he’s lived such a wild life that any story he tells could be wildly believable.

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