Robert Griffin III Gets An NFL Re-Birth With The Baltimore Ravens

    After spending last season as a free agent, it appeared as if the clock had run out on Robert Griffin IIIs NFL career. The former rookie superstar whose career quickly fizzled looked content in his personal life and ready to pursue interests outside the game that had treated him so magnificently and so cruelly.

    But like the wounded warrior who never dies, RGIII has risen again from the NFL ashes to sign a one-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens to serve as a backup to Joe Flacco. 

    Baltimore Ravens on Twitter

    We have agreed to a one-year deal with QB Robert Griffin.

    The saga of RGIII is similar to the never ending story. You have to respect the former NFL dynamos perseverance. There are people who felt RGIII should have retired in 2016 as injuries, and personal conflicts with teammates and organizations, piled up and his performance tumbled into a state of mediocrity. 

    Ozzie Newsome, the NFL’s longest tenured Black GM, has come to his rescue, throwing Griffin a life preserver that no one will offer Colin Kaepernick

    Baltimore Ravens on Twitter

    Ozzie Newsome announces the addition of RG3.

    RGIII hit the NFL like gangbusters as a rookie in Washington, got hurt in the playoffs, came back, got hurt again and then the downward spiral of his once electric and promising career began as he went from the hottest commodity in the game to a quarterback struggling to find a home. 

    After suffering a concussion during the 2015 preseason, Griffin was replaced by Kirk Cousins. That was the birth of the NFLs highest paid quarterback and the end of RGIIIs roller coaster Redskins run. 

    He was released at season’s end and signed with the Cleveland Browns shortly after. His tenure with the Browns was also plagued with injuries, and he was subsequently released after one season. 

    But he kept fighting, working. 

    Robert Griffin III on Twitter

    Up before sunrise and work until after sunset, fight through the grind

    Now hes back in the NFL and anything can happen from here for RGIII, who stayed ready and will get another crack at the big time. 

    Robert Griffin III on Twitter

    Don’t wait or look for an opportunity. Prepare for it!!! God is good

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