Rising High: Mercy Miller Adds 68 Points And A High School Record During His Ascendant Basketball Journey

Mercy Miller is more than just Master P’s son; he’s a four-star 2024 recruit from Notre Dame in Sherman Oaks, California, and now he has broken a California high school record. Mercy scored 68 points in a 104-44 victory over Oakwood on Monday night, setting a school record for the most points scored in a game.

The 6-foot-4, 180-pound guard was 28 of 38 from the field to push Notre Dame to their 104-44 victory. Additionally, Mercy averaged 17.1 points and 8.8 rebounds last season to help lead Notre Dame to the CIF State Division I championship. Miller committed to Houston in 2021 despite interest from the likes of Duke.

Miller is the No. 90 overall prospect and 19th-ranked shooting guard in the 2024 class and has Notre Dame off to a 7-0 start to the 2023-24 regular season, per 247 Sports rankings.

At The Mercy Of Miller

“It was between Houston and Duke for me when I was growing up. When I went to Houston, I really fell in love with it. When they offered me, Coach Kelvin Sampson — he’s a great guy and the connection was there so I just felt might as well just wrap it up and get this over with,” Miller said to TMZ Sports.

Mercy Miller, a name now synonymous with prodigious talent and unwavering dedication, has carved a remarkable path in high school basketball, shaping his journey toward potential greatness.

Early Promise

Mercy Miller’s journey on the hardwood began with the echoes of a basketball legacy, being the son of hip-hop mogul Percy Miller, better known as Master P. But Mercy, with a calm demeanor and an unshakeable focus, has stepped out of the shadow of his father to craft his own identity.

Even as a freshman, Miller’s presence on the court was commanding. His natural aptitude for the game and a work ethic that had him practicing long after his peers had left the court set the stage for a high school career marked by rapid growth and impressive achievements.

A Star in the Making

As a sophomore, Miller’s game elevated to new heights. He displayed an uncanny ability to read the game, making plays that seemed beyond his years. His ballhandling skills, combined with a sharpshooting accuracy, made him a formidable opponent on the offense. But it was his defense, relentless and intuitive, that often left spectators in awe.

Miller’s junior year was nothing short of spectacular. He averaged 25 points per game, leading Minnehaha Academy to several key victories. His performances garnered attention locally and nationally, with college scouts regularly seen in the stands, closely monitoring his progress.

But Mercy Miller’s impact extends beyond the basketball court. He has become a role model in his community, often seen mentoring younger players and participating in local charity events. His humble nature and evident passion for the game have made him a beloved figure.

His academic achievements parallel his athletic prowess. Miller has maintained an impressive GPA, a testament to his discipline and determination to excel in all aspects of his life.

The excitement about his future is palpable as Mercy Miller’s high school career nears its end. Colleges nationwide have expressed interest, and the prospect of seeing Miller shine at the collegiate level is thrilling for basketball fans.

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