Bronny James’ High School Career Ended By Master P’s Son, Mercy Miller

LeBron has had some legendary matchups and rivalries with players who’ve bested him. Now it’s his older son’s turn to face other hoopers that may outshine him on any particular night. On March 7 the legendary basketball player’s son was facing a legendary rapper’s son.

Bronny James and Mercy Miller, son of Percy Miller, aka Master P, faced off in the Regional Division 1 Final, with a trip to the California state championship on the line. Mercy Miller’s team Sherman Oaks Notre Dame had clearly been the better squad all year coming into this game. 

Notre Dame entered this game as the favorites, already having a 3-0 record against Bronny’s Sierra Canyon this season, and they made short work of the Trailblazers, sweeping the season series after defeating them 80-61.

After eliminating Sierra Canyon, and thus effectively ending Senior Bronny James’ high school career, the Notre Dame crowd quickly began chanting “0-4” chants according to the Los Angeles Times, signaling their absolute dominance over Sierra Canyon. 

While nationally-ranked Bronny James could only muster up 10 points, Miller dropped 18 points, outscoring and outplaying Bronny. 

It’s going to be interesting to see what the king has to say about this, considering the fact that LeBron is always hyping his son up publicly, talking and bragging about how good Bronny is. 

Most recently Bron had said through social media that his son is “definitely better” than some NBA players in the league right now.

King James was willing to take it there, and his supreme confidence in his son, who has yet to declare what college, if any, he’s playing for next year, is what might help propel Bronny to the NBA, where LeBron will be waiting for him so that they could possibly play together.

LeBron tweeted, “Man Bronny definitely better than some of these cats I’ve been watching on league pass today. S–t lightweight hilarious,”

LeBron is normally high and mighty about his five-star son, and fans and hecklers alike love to take any chance they can to take a stab at the king, even if it’s by way of his 18-year-old son. So it will be interesting to see if fans through social media try to chastise and harass LeBron by calling his son bad, or saying that Master P’s son is better than his. 

At the end of the day, the hate will be pointless, especially because Bronny himself has proved that he’s one of the best players in the nation, and he has improved every facet of his game through four years in high school, now bringing his game to the level of D1 college skill. While he still has a lot to prove, one bad game against another great team that they’ve lost to all year doesn’t mean he is a bad player. 

But watch the internet try to say otherwise.

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