Rihanna Plane Madness

Having reporters on the plane for Rihanna’s 777 tour sounded like a great idea at first. Journalists love free things, especially a trip around the world in seven days with the hottest and raunchiest pop artist around. It sounds like the stuff of legend.

However, it turns out the rock star life isn’t so exciting. Rihanna slept the entire time she was on the plane and reporters didn’t get a chance to interview her or even do a slow wind with the Caribbean queen. However, the press did get a bit of cabin fever as displayed by the Australian reporter streaking butt-nekkid through the plane.

Things started out fun, but once reporters were deprived of food, sleep, sunlight and quotes, they started to express their discontent. The last thing you want is a plane full of hungry reporters. One journalist made this missing flier for the pop princess who barely spoke to reporters.


Ri Ri, later apologized to the journalists and told them she wanted to focus on resting her body and that’s why she was so limited to them.

Either way, #RihannaPlane became a trending topic on twitter and still grabbed national headlines. Good job, RI.

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