NFL Stories Casuals Ignore | K.J. Osborn’s Good Hands Were Used to Help Pull Man From Burning Vehicle

Vikings wide receiver K.J. Osborn is being called a hero after he saved a man’s life on Sunday night. NFL fans, Vikings teammates, and other NFL players praised him under his post on Twitter when he shared the good news.

K.J. Osborn during pregame warmups before a Vikings game this season. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Car Accident

Osborn was riding in the back of an Uber in Austin, Texas on Sunday evening when he saw a car crashed into a pillar and was on fire. The Uber driver pulled over and ran out the car to help the passengers in the burning car. Osborn followed behind the driver to help him.

He told “Good Morning Football” that the driver was able to climb into the passenger side of the car. Osborn, the Uber driver, and two first responders were then able to pull the man from the car.

“He was kind of in a daze,” Osborn said. “I don’t know if he was conscious but I think he felt the heat coming to his legs and obviously he just got into a big crash so he’s kinda out of it. That’s when we began to talk to him, try to get him out and he was able to a little bit, you know, muster something for himself before we were able to.”

He also said the man was close to the car when they approached him and they didn’t know if the car would blow up.

“That’s when I picked him up. He’s bleeding, his blood is on me, and we pick him up. I carried him maybe like 10, 15 yards, and shortly after the police came and the firefighters and everything like that,” said Osborn. “They were just telling us, you know, that we saved this man’s life. Definitely a crazy experience and one that I’ve never experienced before.” 

Osborn later said on his Twitter in a post, “Most of time the saying goes ‘wrong place wrong time’. But this time I believe God had me, us, at the right place at the exact right time.”

His teammate and Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins chimed in under his post with a positive message.

“This is totally on-brand for [Osborn],” said Cousins on Twitter. “Just a tremendous person and teammate.

Who Is the Hero?

Osborn was drafted in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL draft from the University of Miami. The 25-year-old has put together back-to-back seasons with 650 receiving yards, at least 50 receptions, and five or more touchdowns.

In addition, the Michigan native is currently in school working on his masters degree in criminal justice, according to TMZ Sports. He Osborn has aspirations of working for the FBI or Secret Service at the conclusion of his NFL career.

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