“Born On Third Base And Think They Hit A Triple” | Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Dismisses Demeaning Comment About Ohio State Coach Ryan Day As “Irrelevant”

Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh is sort of walking back comments he made about Ohio State head coach Ryan Day after last season’s win over the Buckeyes in November of 2021.

Following the Wolverines first win in 10 years and nine games, Harbs made some rather scathing comments about his situation at Michigan as compared to the situation that Day walked into after replacing Urban Meyer. The comments seemed to demean Day’s accomplishments at the powerhouse.

Did Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Diss Ohio State Coach Ryan Day? 

Following the Wolverines’ first win in nine years against the Buckeyes — and Harbaugh’s first in the series, Harbs made some rather scathing comments about his situation at Michigan as compared to the situation that Day walked into after replacing Urban Meyer.

“Born on third base and think they hit a triple,” were Harbaugh’s exact words. 

What Harbaugh was saying wasn’t really incorrect, as he did inherit a much tougher situation than Day, but that’s not Day’s fault. The talented coach was hand chosen to replace Urban Meyer after the 2018 season.

It doesn’t help matters that then-Wolverines offensive coordinator Josh Gattis called the Buckeyes a “finesse team.”

In his interview, Harbaugh was quick to note that he didn’t make the comment about the Buckeyes being soft. And he even rehashed his baseball comment, and what it means if anything heading into Saturday’s top-five clash in Columbus.

“I think it’s irrelevant,” the longtime coach said. 


Michigan vs. Ohio State 

While both Michigan and Ohio State have faced some quality competition this season en route to identical 11-0 records, they’re very aware that neither has faced the competition it will face on Saturday.

Harbaugh discussed that this week.

“We’ve been keeping track of them, there are things we do in practice to prepare for them. We know Ohio State is our toughest competition, this will be our toughest test to date.”

He also raved about how good a coach Day is and the respect he has for him.

Totally different tune than Harbaugh’s postgame remarks after last season’s 42-27 win in Ann Arbor that clinched the Big Ten Eastern Division.

Ohio State vs. Michigan Is One Of College Football’s Biggest Rivalries

The Ohio State versus Michigan game has always had huge stakes attached and this year’s no different with the winner advancing to next Saturday’s Big Ten championship game. The loser will have to sit and await their College Football Playoffs fate.

That was the case last season as a once-loss Michigan team upset the previously unbeaten Buckeyes to advance to Indy and the Big Ten title game.

Ohio State vs. Michigan Is A Battle Of Contrasting Styles

It’s a contrast in styles with Michigan playing physical, dominate-the-line-of-scrimmage football with Heisman candidates Blake Corum toting the mail. While Ohio State is led by their gunslinging Heisman candidate C.J. Stroud and his plethora of receiving options.

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