Richard Sherman Trade Talk Is Real

Richard Sherman has been considered the elite cornerback in the NFC for a large portion of the past five seasons. He was the emotional leader that helped spearhead a Legion of Boom defense that lifted the Seahawks to two straight Super Bowl appearances and a chip in 2014.

Never one to bite his tongue, Sherman, just 29 years old and still balling at an elite level,  hasn’t said much since trade rumors began swirling a few weeks ago. 

On Thursday, Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider decided to end the speculation and said he’s been upfront with Sherman about the trade discussions. 

No one paid much attention to the rumors at first. After all, why would Seattle trade one of the hottest commodities in this pass-happy NFL; a lockdown corner?  

Apparently, Shermans outspokenness and overall personality has worn out his welcome in Seattle because Schneider confirmed that Richard Sherman trade talk is real.

The corner at first laughed off remarks, then noted it was part of the business. On Wednesday, he told Albert Breer of there are no hard feelings.

“Very little chance it happens, but both sides are listening,” Sherman said in a text message. “I honestly don’t have much more to say about it than what I’ve already said. We have a great relationship. … There is a lot of love and respect. There is no bad blood.”

Most NFL heads believe that the trade talks have nothing to do with Shermans play. Or even saving money. Hes proved that he still has worth at the cornerback position.

On First Take, Max Kellerman made two interesting points.  

“It tells you that Earl Thomas is the No. 1 guy on Legion of Boom… but Richard Sherman is a huge piece of it, Kellerman said.  Its also about personality. Maybe something is wearing thin here…Maybe Seattle feels his personality is not worth the production”

Interestingly, but not surprisingly the Patriots scoping Sherman, who would be under their contractual control until 2019. Players of this ilk seem to fall into New England’s lap all the time. Bill Belichick is the only head coach who can tell the media and everyone else to kiss his five rings and sign whatever controversial contributor he chooses, from LeGarrette Blount to Asante Samuels, once their NFL street value gets too high for their current teams.  

Seattle would be wise to get Sherman out of the NFC so they wont have to face a player who already plays like he got drafted in the sixth-round and undoubtedly will have a chip on his shoulder if hes traded.

The Jets got rid of Darrelle Revis and he won a Super Bowl with the Pats. We could be watching history repeat itself in Richard Shermans favor.

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