Rex Ryan Has A Tattoo of His Wife in a Sanchez Jersey

Oh Rex. 

We already know he and his wife are gettin' it on in some kinky ways after foot fetish videos emerged a few seasons ago. Now, Rex has been spotted with a new tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. Call it a Dirty Sanchez. 

Anyway, whatever they do in their own time is on them. It shouldn't be any of our business. And, frankly, taking pictures of someone on vaca is a little below the belt anyway. But this was bound to come out at some point, just like the YouTube videos were definitely going to be found. Why does Rex keep bringing this stuff upon himself? Why did he jet to the Bahamas without team permission in the first place? 

I'm not saying Rex is asking for this treatment, because it's not really fair for anyone. But, when people talk about the "image of a CEO" and try to involve race or tattoos or facial hair, it rings very hollow when you take a look at Rex Ryan's shenanigans. He doesn't hide from anyone, which, for Jets' fans, is kind of a problem. 

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