Reuben Foster’s Former Girlfriend Recants Charges Of Domestic Violence

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster is a classic example of why accusations of domestic violence have to be thoroughly investigated by professionals and not tried in the court of public opinion or Twitter debates. People were calling for 49ers GM John Lynch to cut Foster when he was arrested on domestic violence charges back in 2017. They assumed he was just another NFL playerwho was violent towards women. 

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I was fine with the way John Lynch handled the situation every step of the way. Meanwhile others criticized him for not cutting Reuben Foster immediately, which would’ve been a mistake and unwarranted. #49ers

Now in a twist of justice, Foster’s former girlfriend on Monday said she can prove Foster did not cause her injuries from an alleged February incident in Los Gatos.

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Potential really good news for the #49ers and LB Rueben Foster… The former girlfriend of #Niners LB Reuben Foster said she can prove Foster “did not cause her injuries,” per @MaioccoNBCS.

Elissa Ennis released a statement through her attorney, Stephanie Rickard, in which she said her injuries came from a fight that did not involve Foster. (Foster) did not strike her, injure her or threaten her, Rickard said in the statement provided first to NBC Sports Bay Area.

Ennis injuries were the result of a physical fight with another woman, and that Foster tried to end his relationship with Ennis after he learned of the fight, Rickard said.

There is a video of that fight with another woman, according to Rickard.

She was extremely upset and told him if he broke up with her she would trash his career, Rickard said.

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The former girlfriend of 49ers linebacker Rueben Foster on Wednesday recanted her story about Foster hitting her, rupturing her eardrum and causing bodily harm.

In February, Foster was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and possessing an assault rifle at a Los Gatos home. Arrest and jail records show that Foster, 23, was booked at the Santa Clara County jail Sunday on the felony counts and released on $75,000 bail that evening.

The former girlfriend Elissa Ennis, a woman with whom Foster has been in a long-term relationship, described to officers an assault that followed an argument that erupted between the two, sources said.

While at Foster’s home, police officers located what appeared to be an assault rifle inside the home. The formal booking offenses were domestic violence, possessing an assault weapon, both felonies, and making criminal threats, a misdemeanor.

The DA was building up a pretty formidable case against Foster and making him out to be a wild dangerous, woman abusing criminal, but now we find out the accusation came from a scorned woman attempting to seek revenge for a relationship gone awry.  According to Richard, Ennis apologizes to everyone that may have been harmed in this case, especially Mr. Foster.”

On Monday, 49ers general manager John Lynch said the club would release Foster if the allegation that he struck the alleged victim proved to be true. 

I do want to be very clear, abundantly clear, that if these charges are proven true, that if Reuben did indeed hit this young lady, he won’t be part of our organization going forward.

If that’s the case, Foster should be immediately allowed back on the team. Foster returns to court on Monday and hopefully, all charges will be dropped in this bogus case. It’s a shame what Foster had to go through for nothing. He became a pawn in an agenda for a minute.  

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Hmm, wonder if @MichelleDBeadle will apologize in a public forum to #reubenfoster for attacking him as an innocent man to push her own agenda. #espn

More importantly, too many women are actually assaulted and abused in this world for Fosters ex-girlfriend to fabricate such stories just to hurt someone. She isn’t helping at all. Those true victims of abuse should be sympathized with and supported to the fullest and never doubted or blamed in any way. Scornful, malicious liars such as Ennis make it harder for the women who actually have a story to tell and have lived through the horror of domestic abuse to make their stories heard.  

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