Report Concludes That An Orlando Cop Raped Woman In His Custody

A retired Orlando cop is behind bars and facing charges that he allegedly raped a woman he arrested in October. Roderick Johnson was charged with two counts of sexual battery after a woman in his custody alleged that her arresting officer had sex with her in a police substation.

According to an internal affairs report separate from the criminal investigation, "The evidence and testimony in this investigation is clear and convincing to prove Officer Johnson committed sexual battery by a law enforcement officer while on duty and in uniform,"

The report also claims that the sex wasn't forcible but that Johnson implied that she'd face additional charges if she didn't cooperate. To make matters worse, Johnson allegedly changed his story several times.

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

The newly released IA review called the woman's testimony "clear and consistent," and adds that "[p]ortions of her testimony were corroborated by independent witnesses."

The report details several statements by Johnson which he later admitted were false when challenged by a detective:

• He denied stopping at the substation.

• He denied taking the victim inside, as well as taking off her handcuffs.

• He denied giving the victim $40 cash.

From WESH-Orlando:

The report found that Johnson violated obedience to laws and department procedures, standards of conduct, code of ethics, transporting prisoners and arrestees, reporting criminal information, handling money, property and evidence and truthfulness. He has been recommended for termination.

Last month, evidence was released including a video recording of an interrogation, showing Johnson changed his story.

"If she has $40 with my prints on it, I didn't find any money in the car, but it's basically from checking her out — her front pockets. She did have cash. I don't remember how much," Johnson said.

The 45-year-old also thought he could avoid punishment (and avoid looking suspicious) by submitting his retirement papers when IA summoned him to testify. Depending on the outcome of his trial, Johnson could lose his accrued  $52,000 yearly police pension. However, that should be the least of his concerns.

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