Remy Ma Released? Nope.

    Remy Ma was supposed to get out of jail yesterday. The hip hop world counted down the days until the rapper left the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility on July 31 after serving six years out of an eight year sentence on assault charges.  Family and friends turned up in droves, awaiting her release outside of the entrance to the prison. But Remy never showed up. 

    According to the Source, Department of Corrections public information officer Linda Foglia said Remy’s release was delayed due to a pending misbehavior report that needed to be resolved. And as of now, there is currently no official date for her release.  When asked why the rapper didn’t alert her family and friends of the change in circumstances, Foglia said Remy Ma was told of this days in advance and that she did not know why.


    The Grammy-nominated rapper is best known for being featured on such hits as Terror Squad’s “Lean Back” and M.O.P’s “Ante Up” remix.  Her debut solo album There’s Something About Remy was released in 2006. But in 2007, she was convicted for shooting Makeeda Barnes-Joseph in the abdomen over suspicion that the woman stole $3,000 from her purse. The native of the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, NY is married to rapper Papoose and is the mother of one child, Jayson.

    Fans eagerly await her return to a rap scene that has been watered down and saturated by the deficit of females with only the likes of Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea making noise. Many feel Remy's hardcore rap style will be a much needed, refreshing change… If she can make it out of prison.