Reel Talk: RZA’s “The Man With The Iron Fists”

Rappers have done some commendable and dope things on the big/small screen. Ice Cube’s production company is a player. Ice-T and LL have kept steady work for years. Tupac told John Singleton and Janet Jackson’s handlers that their proposed AIDS test could get the bozack – then he stole the show in Poetic Justice. Queen La’ and Luda’ have done their things in serious films. And, then there are other bona fide, other Oscar-worthy performances. But nobody has reached RZA-heights. The man is set to co-star in a The Man With the Iron Fists, a film he wrote and directed. That’s a feat. The film he directs stars Russell Crowe, not Donnie Wahlberg or some other C-rated cat. This flick is all the way legit and he’s the auteur. Bong!

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