Rec Center: Lincoln (Trailer)

What, no zombies or vampires? Normally I’d give a man like Steven Spielberg the benefit of the doubt, but his recent participation in movies like the sequels to Transformers, Men In Black and Eagle Eye have damaged his reputation a bit. But the preview to his latest biopic, on one of history’s greatest figures, seems to be in the same vein as “Schindler’s List” and be more of a tug at the viewer’s emotions—than it’s thirst for action.

Based on his times and struggles during the Civil War, Spielberg will do his best to depict the Abe Lincoln that inspired our very own President Obama. But with all the rumors that surround Lincoln’s life, such as prostitutes and homosexuality, you almost wish that Quentin Tarantino took on this project and used a kind of Inglorious Bastards-method to rewrite history. He would have made Lincoln seem like the James Dean of his time. Tarantino could’ve even gone overboard and tied in the events of Django Unchained into this movie somehow. But I’m sure with a cast that includes Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones and Forrest Gump’s mama, Spielberg will have himself an Oscar-caliber film.    


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