Rec Center: Django Unchained (Trailer)

Man, is Spike Lee going to throw a fit once he sees this movie. The man was once livid at Quentin Tarantino for using the n-word so liberally in Pulp Fiction, so you can only imagine what he’ll think about this latest offering. Originally offered to Will Smith, who would’ve been dope but turned the title role down for very obvious reasons — Django Unchained is the story of a slave (Jamie Foxx), who with the assistance of a white man (Christoph Waltz a.k.a The Jew Hunter from Inglorious Basterds.), becomes a bounty hunter in search of his kidnapped wife (Kerry Washington). In searching for his wife, he discovers that she’s become the “property” of a plantation owner Leonardo DiCaprio (You’d think Robert De Niro would’ve played the role of the plantation owner, with his real life infatuation of black women and all, but whatever.) and you can see where this is going.

As is the case with most Tarantino movies, Django seems destined to become another cult classic. With over the top violence, “artistic” cinematography, witty comedy (Johan Hill is this generation’s version of John Belushi.) and the beautiful Kerry Washington in a steaming body of water (who wouldn’t save her from the grasps of a rich white man? She ain’t Stacey Dash, fool!). You can bet your bottom lotto dollar, that a bootleg version of this flick is going to be playing in every single barbershop in the hood. That includes even when it’s released officially on DVD. My barbershop still plays the bootleg version of Belly… on VHS cassette. That’s real.

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