Real Husbands Of Hollywood Debuts: Even RG3 Tweeted About It

Kevin Hart has created a spoof of a reality show called “Real Husbands of Hollywood.” BET was in desperate need of good original programming. And the show seems to fit the bill. Twitter had some strong reactions to the debut and here are some of the best ones. 


It isn't real, tho. 


I'm sure he really owns one. 


Make it happen.


He broke out the C-Walk.


Only on camera.

Quote of the show.


You're asking people on Twitter to have nuanced thoughts.


That's cool but….

He didn't really say anything.


So what do you like?


Call Tyler Perry.


I guess that means you liked the show.


Leave em wanting more.

If you missed it and want to make your own judgement check out the first episode here.




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