Get It, Shorty! Boston Celtics Star Jayson Tatum Gifts Kevin Hart With A Jersey Sized For Tatum’s 5-Year-Old Son And It Fits!

Kevin Hart’s comedic “podcast” in a tub of freezing water, “Cold As Balls,” has had many hilarious moments, but the latest one might be one of the “coldest.”

While talking with Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum, and before Hart could ask the first question, the star had a gift for the diminutive comedian, and it was as ironic as it was funny. Tatum gave Hart a Boston Celtics jersey with a twist: the name of his 5-year-old son, Jayson Tatum Jr., aka “Deuce,” on the back.

“This is my son’s jersey, but they told me it might fit,” Tatum said. “And I know how much you love the Celtics.”

If The “Deuce” Jersey Fits

Hart is definitely not a fan of the Celtics as a lifelong Philadelphia 76ers fan who was born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love. The jersey was Deuce’s size, perfecting the trolling that Tatum was cooking.

“Just try it for me,” Tatum said, unrolling the jersey. “This is how I get Deuce dressed in the morning.”

As the 5-foot-2 Hart begrudgingly put on the jersey, Tatum rubbed salt in the wound by complimenting him, saying that the jersey looked good on him, which no grown man wants to hear about children’s clothes being form-fitting. However, Hart was game for the gag.

“It actually don’t fit bad. What is that, a 2T?” Hart asked. “Shoutout to Deuce. Thank you. I’m not going to disrespect that.”

Rivalry Buds

Although Tatum never confirmed what size the jersey actually was, the fact that it fits the 44-year-old is nothing short of comical. Hart wore the jersey for the rest of the segment outside the cold tub while his “body double” LeRoyal stepped into the icy bath wearing a Celtics No. 0 Tatum jersey.

Tatum and Hart have had a fun rivalry in the past. After the Celtics beat the 76ers in Game 7 of the East Conference semifinals last season, Tatum put up 51 points at home in the TD Garden Arena to send the Sixers home. He told Hart he was grateful they could still be cool even though he trounced their team with his performance.

With preseason camp right around the corner, Tatum and Hart make for a comical duo of Eastern Conference brilliance.

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