Ray Felton Did Not Point Gun At Estranged-Wife

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Knicks point guard Ray Felton turned himself into the long arm of the law to face felony gun charges after his estranged wife turned in an illegal firearm that was not registered in the state of New York City. When the news first broke, Twitter and social media was originally a nest for rumors that Felton pointed a gun at his girlfriend. Then, the rumor was that it was his wife. Turns out neither occurred. Felton wasn't charged in relation to pointing a loaded firearm at anyone, but it doesn't change the fact that his firearms violated New York City's strict gun laws.

Via Wall Street Journal:

Ms. Felton and the attorney representing her in divorce proceedings took the gun, which had 17 bullets in the magazine and one in the chamber, to the 20th precinct station house in Manhattan Monday evening because she no longer wanted it in the home, the official said.

Ms. Felton, 26, said that on four occasions, most recently Feb. 14, Mr. Felton waved the weapon around in an aggressive way but didn't point it at her, according to the official.

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