Ravens Blogger Exposed For Past Racist, Cringeworthy Tweets

Here we go again. 

Josh Allen got caught out there with old racist tweets he spewed on Twitter in high school right before he was drafted No. 7 overall by the Buffalo Bills in the 2018 NFL Draft. Then Josh Hader’s All-Star Game experience turned into a MAGA convention

The players apologized for their past bigotry and claim to be more mature now. I guess that means they are older and have way more to lose so they will keep their racism in the closet. I also guess thats their twisted way of showing respect to people of color. As the days go on we are discovering that pro athletes arent the only ones being exposed. There are so-called reporters covering pro sports who have also contributed to the racial tension in this country. Ravens reporter Lindsay Ok is one of them.  

Robert Littal on Twitter

Ravens Reporter Lindsey Ok’s Old Racist & Homophobic Tweets Revealed; Said NFL Stands For N*ggas Fa Life (Deleted Tweets) https://t.co/6QCkkIbVCl

Lindsey hasnt addressed the Tweets yet and neither has her employer RavensWire.com. When Panthers reporter Jourdan Rodrigue’s similarly racist tweets were exposed back in October of 2017, she apologized and continues to cover the team. No big deal. Everyone privately refers to Black men in these disparaging terms and it seems to be accepted across the sports landscape. 

Jourdan Rodrigue on Twitter

Jourdan Rodrigue on Twitter


Lindsey will also probably be OK because she will use the same excuse that every high profile white person who “used” to be a racist when they were a teenager is using lately; That she was young and dumb. Or she was quoting rap lyrics and her tweets as a youth dont reflect her feelings and beliefs now.  

Oks tweets were not only racist and homophobic but a bit weird as she obsessed over Matt Ryan and his kids and joked about his wife’s difficult childbirth. Very nasty and revealing. 

lindsey ok on Twitter

Joe Flacco has twice as many kids as Matt Ryan


lindsey ok on Twitter

Congrats @M_Ryan02 on your twins. Kids rule. Who will win a SB first? (Joe Flacco beat all 3 of you to it)



@WildcatSanu @CleOptiRealist @dothedirtybird_ @lindseyyok She used a 28-3 joke explaining how she wanted his kids being born premature

This one takes the cake. 

I dont know if she was trying to be cool. Or maybe she was trying to show an understanding of Black culture and acronyms used in the Black community. I do know that any pro publication has to be off their rocker to hire a person who seems to be better at insulting people than actually covering the game. In this new media age, respected publications now hire people who appear popular on Twitter, to cover real news. As this trend grows, more and more of these kinds of Tweets will surface and the integrity of journalists across the country and the discipline of journalism itself will continue to slump deeper into the muck. 

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