Ratchet 101: Why did Love & Hip-Hop NY Cast Members Visit a NYC Middle School?

When some think of reality TV, visions of ratchet drama paint the mind’s eye.  The seven deadly sins are on full display on nightly basis; envy, greed, lust, gluttony, pride, wrath and sloth are par the course. When these individuals are positioned as role models for our children it is a baffling thing.  Friday, rapper Juelz Santana and Yandy Smith of Love & Hip-Hop NY joined Young Professionals United for Change in a visit at Wadleigh Second School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Harlem, NY. This school was saved from being closed by former New York City Mayor Bloomberg in 2012, and has been suffering from low graduation rates.  The plan to bolster kids grades and keep them in school? Reality TV.

But what exactly do Juelz and Yandy have to say about education? That, dear readers, remains to be seen. According to the press release, Santana, Smith and other LHHNY cast members engaged the students in a candid discussion about the entertainment industry, entrepreneurship and overcoming adversity.  But were they honest about the violence and demeaning drama that sends negative messages to the youth?


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