Rapper Vince Staples Lands First Lead Role In Indie Film ‘Punk’

After having his music featured in film and TV shows, Vince Staples is now set to take on a lead role.

Long Beach rapper Vince Staples has landed his first lead role in Richard Hughes’ indie film, ‘Punk.’

Hollywood Reporter on Twitter

Exclusive: Rapper Vince Staples lands first lead role in ‘Punk’ https://t.co/HO4QOEzoDh

The feature focuses on Pete, played by Staples, who after getting his dreams crushed by a rejection letter, takes off on a road trip with a band of free spirits. He soon finds out that they are in fact a band of bank robbers headed by a modern-day Robin Hood who just so happens to be on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.

Staples made his acting debut back in 2015, with a minor role in Rick Famuyiwa’s Dope. The rapper has also had his music featured in projects such as Creed, Atlanta, and Marvel’s Black Panther

Vince Staples Nailed His ‘Dope’ Scene With A$AP Rocky In One Take | MTV News

Vince says he didn’t have trouble with A$AP Rocky acting out that ‘slippery slope’ scene in the new movie ‘Dope.

Congrats to Vince! Punk is set for release in the near future.

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