Rapper Chingy Calls Ja Morant’s Antics “Stupidity.” Can A 25-Game Suspension Cure Morant’s Mischievousness?

With the NBA offseason fully underway and teams preparing for next season, the Ja Morant slander and criticism have simmered down. But one rapper still has some words for Morant and his past antics but offers some light at the end of the tunnel for him as well.

St. Louis rapper Chingy recently did an interview with Vlad TV, and during the interview he spoke about Ja Morant and all of the gun incidents he got himself into and how it was affecting his career in the NBA. 

Sports Illustrated quoted the rapper:

“When you get into the NBA, or you get into these leagues, and you know they got these restrictions and how they are – if you really want to be successful, and really want to make it and establish some type of wealthy content lifestyle for yourself … it’s all right to let the hood sh-t go,” Chingy said. “Let that go. I’ve seen the video of [Morant] too, with the gun and stuff — stupidity. Only thing I can say, stupidity.” 

The “stupidity” that Ja Morant has involved himself in has been apparent since last season, starting with the former Murray State star’s entourage flashing laser beams at Indiana Pacers staff.

From there, Morant has been accused of threatening and beating up a teenager, and flashing firearms on multiple occasions. The latter of these events got Morant suspended indefinitely and in the eyes of some, he’s now labeled as a troublemaker.

Due to Ja Morant’s perceived lack of guidance within his camp, Chingy also believes that Ja has the potential to mature and walk a straight and narrow path going forward.

The rapper does bring up the fact that Ja is young and that young people are supposed to make mistakes.

But to Chingy, the fact that Ja Morant has apologized and tried to take the necessary steps to rectify his behavior, means that the hoops star is trying to be a better version of himself.

“At least he’s trying to apologize and show that he’s trying to make a change. How old is he? I mean, come on. He’s entitled actually to mistakes. … He’s gonna make some mistakes, but what you can do is just lend a helping hand sometimes and try to help him.”

Although Morant was seen holding a gun multiple times, he went on social media to claim that it was in fact a lighter prop that he was holding following the second incident.

Morant’s 25-Game Suspension

Currently, Morant has been handed a 25-game ban from NBA commissioner Adam Silver for his string of antics. Morant trying to clear up whether the object was a lighter or a gun did not sway Silver’s decision in suspending Morant for more than a quarter of the season.

The NBA isn’t playing, and if Ja wants a long and fruitful career in the NBA he will have to cut the “stupidity” out.

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