R. Kelly Drops Black Panties Today

    R. Kelly is at it again. (No, human waste didn't have anything to do with it.) We're referring to his new album, Black Panties. The set is slated to drop today, Dec. 10, and has been getting rave reviews thus far. Some say it is an obvious throwback to his 12 Play days. But how many attempts is the man going to make at recreating an album that dropped 20 years ago? There have already been three other 12 Play-styled sets. Maybe it's simply because he just likes talking about the subject matter: sex.  The way he is promoting the album is telling as well. Featuring guests including Juicy J, Kelly Rowland, 2 Chainz and others, below is the video from his synthesized sex romp with pop star Lady Gaga. In what appears to be a Marilyn Monroe and President Obama send-up, the song was performed at the recent American Music Award.