R. Kelly Accused Of Rearing A 14-Year-Old Child As A “Pet” In New Doc

To not deal with a leviathan is to invite it to continue preying on the innocent, the ignorant and the desperate with renewed vigor. R. Kelly has been accused multiple times of dealing with underage girls. And he has gotten off each time. Despite much circumstantial evidence that would easily see individuals of lesser notoriety resigned to correctional facilities.

But, for reasons one could speculate that range to the devaluing of black girls to the black communities deifying of celebrity, R. Kelly just keeps getting away with stealing the innocence of teen girls. 

Before we get into the whole she wanted it reflex statutory rape defense mechanism, its disingenuous of, and a scarlet letter to, any who dare breath those words. Of course, the whereabouts of the parental figure in this equation is also a fair question, but it also deflects the blame from the perpetrator, in my opinion. We all know who the bad guy is here, right?

In the sleazy BBC3 documentary “R Kelly: Sex, Girls, and Videotapes“, former girlfriend Kitti Jones is alleging Kelly reared a 14-year-old as a sex pet.

She said: I was introduced to one of the girls, that he told me he trained since she was 14, those were his words. I saw that she was dressed like me, that she was saying the things Id say and her mannerisms were like mine. Thats when it clicked in my head that he had been grooming me to become one of his pets. He calls them his pets.

Jones said he made the unnamed individual crawl on the floor towards me and perform oral sex on me, and he said, This is my fucking pet, I trained her. Shes going to teach you how to be with me.

Kelly or his representatives made no comment to the BBC or the Guardian, but he has previously denied accusations of sexual impropriety or violence against women.

Jack Antonoff, frontman for the Bleachers and hitmaking producer (Taylor Swift, Lorde), claimed via Twitter that he mentioned dropping R. Kelly from his label.

Antonoff and Kelly are both currently signed to RCA, a subsidiary of Sony Music.

 I hope my label drops R. Kelly. Ive discussed it with them a number of times, he wrote.

Though the tweet has since been deleted, it was screen-grabbed by Billboard.

In the documentary, Kellys ex-girlfriend Kitti Jones claims that she was physically, mentally, verbally, and sexually abused.

All this, and you better believe somebody goes gonna wanna hear Steppin in the Name of Love at the next family affair. Man, I know if its not as if were all complicit and enabling him by listening to his songs, but it damn sure feels that way to me.

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