Quinton Jefferson Was Wrong…But We Understand!

Its easy to judge someone sitting on your ass watching television. Yup, there have been many careers spawned out of judging the actions of sports figures.  We watch and marvel at their physical feats, and gnash our teeth at their shortcomings within the field of play. Indeed, judgement calls are tough because its difficult to hit the nail on the head of any subject matter or phenomenon unless were somewhat aware of the dynamics therein.   

When the Seattle Seahawks played the Jacksonville Jaguars late Sunday afternoon, the predicted slobberknocker lived up to its billing as the 30-24 Jags victory went all the way down to the wire. Quarterback Blake Bortles didnt look like a total dumpster fire, and Seattle QB Russell Wilson was harassed into an unprecedented three interceptionsonly the third time in his career that he played so poorly. However, the props arent pouring down on the Jags as they should, nor are the admonishments against the Seattle defense confined to acts that occurred on the field. 

Following a scuffle in the games waning seconds that is widely being blamed on Seattles Michael Bennett, Jefferson and Sheldon Richardson were ejected from the game. When a player is ejected, he is usually dejected, disappointed and trying to get into the locker room as quickly as possible.  At 6-foot-4 inches tall, and weighing around 300 pounds, the logical person would steer clear of this situation. However, NFL fans can be called many things, but logical is not the among the first 100 words that come to mind.  

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Jacksonville fans throwing their drinks on their field. Completely unacceptable. #SEAvsJAX https://t.co/owdnY70UjP

As he quietly walked off the field, Jefferson was struck by a drink thrown from a crowd of Jags fans.  As he turned to investigate, another drink was thrown. Team officials and stadium security had to physically restrain him from going in the standsa major no-no in all of team sports. NBA fans recall the Malice at the Palace from 2004 which saw then Indiana Pacers forward Ron Artest go into the stands, and nobody wants to repeat that in the NFL where players are built to hit folks, as well as withstand hits, and are wearing body armor to boot.

No, Jefferson didnt go in the stands, thank goodness. But the line of questioning he was peppered with while sitting in his locker shows just how some men feign ignorance to the pains of ego and pride.  Even those who readily utilize it for their own purposes feigned ambiguity in asking why did something that perhaps 70 percent of men in similar situations would have done. Id like to say otherwise, but Id have attempt to do the same thing. 

Seahawks Quinton Jefferson on charging to stands after JAX fans threw beer on him

Uploaded by Tacoma News Tribune on 2017-12-11.

Male pride combined with the sting of losing, and the disrespect of having several drinks hurled on your head, will make anyone think unkind, violent thoughts. Jefferson is paid to play football, not to be the whipping boy from a group of drunk ignoramuses who havent had a winning season in a decade. Most of his fellow players, past and present, agree. 

McNabb calls for fan to be arrested and charged | First Take | ESPN

Donovan McNabb explains why the price of admission does not afford fans the right to do whatever they want as evidenced in Quinton Jefferson’s altercation with a fan.

However, he was definitely wrong for charging aggressively towards the stands. For his part, Jefferson will likely receive a fine or other penalty from the league.    

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