Singing Sensation Queen Naija Joins YouTube Originals’ Weekly Music Series ‘RELEASED’

This Thursday night, Certified-Platinum Singer/Songwriter Queen Naija joins YouTube Originals’ weekly music series RELEASED, ahead of the premiere of her new music video for “Love Language.”

RELEASED, premieres every week only on YouTube. 

Go behind the scenes with Queen Naija as she reveals a secret her fans have been dying to know and be the first to watch the world premiere of her music video “Love Language.”

Previous episodes of  RELEASED featured top artists including BLACKPINK and Major Lazer.

Watch Queen Naija on “RELEASED” Thursday at 8:45 PM PT/11:45 PM ET on Queen Naija’s Official YouTube Channel.

Queen Naija got her start on YouTube in 2016 through candid vlogs, pranks, challenges and song covers, and gained a massive amount of loyal followers known as the #RoyaltySquad. She started her own channel in 2017 where she shared transparent and intimate moments of her life, along with her original music, building up a fan base of over 4.7 million subscribers.

An alumni of YouTube Music’s Artist on the Rise, Queen Naija is a true YouTube success story. The powerhouse singer has made a name for herself through her unique ability to connect with her fans through music and her honest portrayal of her life with her YouTube videos. Queen Naija’s Debut Album missunderstood is set for release on October 30.

She’s popping up everywhere, gaining steam for her skills and sex appeal and hooking up talents with some of the biggest artists in the game.

“RELEASED” premieres on Thursdays in the moments just before artists release new music at midnight ET. The 16-episode series will feature the world’s biggest artists and highlight music moments from the week, all leading up to one exclusive video premiere that artists and fans experience together only on YouTube, the largest platform and destination for music consumption.

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