“Put Some RESPECT On My Name! All Of YALL!!!!” | Antonio Brown Trolls Twitter And Gets Trolled Back

Antonio Brown is tired of all the disrespect.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver took to Twitter to tell the world that he is tired of his name being handled in these digital streets.

Twitter Fingers

“Put some RESPECT on my Name! All Of YALL !!!!”

After a three-game suspension for providing a fake vaccination card to the NFL, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians decided to bring AB back.

Antonio Brown’s Arrest Will Result In Pay Day For Gamblers

On Monday, the coach talked more about his decision to bring back Brown, who was on the edge of dismissal after a series of conduct violations throughout his career led to the decision to produce a bad vaccination card.

Arians Has Spoken

Last year, Arians said of Brown, “If he screws up one time, he’s done.”

However, he has changed his tune to the benefit of AB.

“Nothing’s Been Decided” Antonio Brown On Thin Ice In Tampa Bay After Vax Hoax | Why Is It Always AB vs. AB?

“Well, the history has changed since that statement,” Arians said. “A lot of things went on last year that I was very proud of him. And I made a decision that was best for our football team.”

The season-ending injury to All-Pro wide receiver Chris Godwin, the rash of other injuries and Tom Brady’s horrific performance on Sunday night undoubtdely also influenced the 360 by Arians concerning Brown’s playing status.

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Troll Time

AB had already been on an ambiguous Twitter trolling spree before Arians’ revelation. However, his coach proclaimed his necessity for the team emboldened his Twitter fingers.

It also made him step to the public, who decided to give AB the blues for his indiscretions.

“Taller in person you see when we meet.”

Can you say passive-aggressive? Brown got tired of the direct shade that came after his “put some respect on my name” tweet. Now AB wanted all the trolls to know his listed height of 5 feet 10 looks way larger in person.

AB Lessons

Brown and third-year safety Mike Edwards turned in fake vaccination cards, violating NFL rules and a federal crime. Each had a three-game suspension through Sunday night’s loss to the New Orleans Saints.

But Brown’s off-field behavior left a bad taste in people’s collective mouths.

Most recently, Brown was accused by his former live-in chef, Steven Ruiz, of failing to pay $10,000 he owed when Brown attempted to renegotiate his bill.

Ruiz then revealed that Brown tried to secure the fraudulent vaccination cards via his girlfriend. However, according to reports on Monday, Ruiz said that Brown did settle his debt.

Past Mistakes

Before that, Brown had felony probation stemming from an assault of a South Florida moving truck driver in January 2020, which was terminated one year early for good behavior. In addition, he settled a civil lawsuit filed by a former personal trainer, Britney Taylor, who accused him of sexual assault.


Still, Brown survived to run for another long ball.

Guess Who’s Bizzack

The Buccaneers realize his value to the team regardless of what the media or the Twitter streets say.

“I could give a s— what they think,” said Bruce Arians to the media. “The only thing I care about is this football team … and what’s best for us.”

The Buccaneers believe that Brown is trying to turn his life around. Through immersion into the team culture and applying his unique brand of focus, Brown earned the respect of his entire team.

Now he wants the world to follow suit.

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