Punt Gawd Marquette King Almost Put The Paws On A Denver Radio Host

NFL Punters are to be seen and not heard, but Marquette King just cant help himself. Already known as the most flamboyant and outspoken and social media friendly kicker in NFL history, King is making headlines, beefing with reporters and causing mischief at Broncos training camp.  

Despite an average of 42.7 net punting yards — a mark that ranked third in the league behind Brett Kern and Johnny Hekker –, King was cut by new Raiders head coach Jon Gruden in April. Apparently, it was because King had too much swag for Gruden’s tastes.

King loves the limelight and the celebrity life that he’s created for himself by being talented and unconventional. 

Marquette King on Twitter

Mood… https://t.co/pHMehNg6wF

Division-rival Denver scooped King up and the Broncos are experiencing the effect that King can have on a team. His relationship with the local Denver media is off to a rocky start as the punter has been publically beefing with shock jock Darren McKee of 104.3 the Fan.    

McKee revealed on Twitter that the punter approached him and said: “keep my name out your mouth.” McKee said King got aggressive, continued to threaten him after he responded “or what?” and the punter was ultimately escorted away by the team’s public relations staff.

King did an interview with Brandon Stokley and Zach Bye on the station, but the interview was cut off after 90 seconds when he said he didn’t like talking about football.

McKee lashed back at King on social media, blasting his professionalism.  

And King delivered the ultimate disrespectful retort, inviting McKee to his private parts emoji style. 

Marquette King on Twitter


Zach Bye, one half of ‘Stokley & Zach’ on 104.3 The Fan tweeted an account of the drama which began on Friday and escalated over the next two days. 

Zach Bye on Twitter

This Marquette King situation is escalating. 48 hrs in review Friday: King sabotages interview w/ Stoke & I so we shut it down after a min & 30 seconds Saturday: King on Twitter tells Dmac to suck u know what Sunday: King finds Dmac & threatens him. Great start as a Bronco!

The tiff has become personal, and in light of T.O.s HOF protest against media influencing accolades based on personal feelings about a player, both of these guys need to chill out. 

McKee needs to fall back on the weak ass Twitter attacks and King needs to chill out with the vulgarity and attitude. He hasnt even punted in a game for Denver and hes already burning bridges with local media. 

Both of these guys need to sit down, hit a reset button and try to start over again. Put this nonsense behind them.

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