Proud Boys Threaten Ava Duvernay’s Production Of Colin Kaepernick Story

After a hell of a year with BLM protests and riots breaking out and a racially divisive Presidential Election that led to an attempted siege of the nation’s capital, Colin figured he would fall back and make a brand new production, but it looks like it’s being met with resistance.

According to new reports, the production for Colin Kaepernick’s story — Colin in Black and White — has been threatened in a memo sent by anti-Black Lives Matter protesters such as the Proud Boys (groups affiliated with those who invaded the capital).

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The memo included anti-BLM sentiments with threats to “protest against the production.”

Executives of the Netflix mini-series are now taking extra security measures to protect cast and crew members after receiving the Proud Boys threat.

The far-right group was reportedly planning to protest last Friday at the production shoot. Two production assistants also claimed that a suspicious phone call was made to the production office.

A protest did not end up materializing, according to TMZ,  but the fact that this production is on the erratic group’s radar is troubling.
Colin in Black & White stars actor Jaden Michael. Kaepernick will narrate the six-part series, which Ava DuVernay is directing.
The series looks at Kaepernick’s high school years and highlights the events that inspired his legendary social activism. People anticipate that the series will finally fill in some of the missing pieces that people may not know about the journey of a man who risked it all at the peak of his NFL career to fight social injustice and police brutality, only to be villainized, blackballed and then celebrated for his bravery.
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